Received a broken product?

After recievement of the material you ordered you are expected to check the materials on damages. Please report your damage as soon as possible.

If possible we will replace the broken product.

Complaint or damage withing guarantee period.

We insist that our sold products fulfill their needs and that they meet the standards that are known in the branche. Our guarantee on our products is the following: 

About notable defects after delivery the customer needs to send a written complaint within 14 days after receivement.
With special produced product or custom measured products the difference in delivered quantity may deviate 10% more or less then the ordered quantity.

Transportdamage needs to be reported as soon as possible with the transporter. A written copy of the complaint on transport needs to be send to Carmat as well. Our intention is to help in all possible ways to replace the goods.

For more info about complaints and defect within the guarantee period see our general terms.

Received a broken product?



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