173 Products in Floor covering marine and offshore

As a interior supplying specialist for vehicles and marine CARMAT offers a wide collection and interesting product. Innovative flooring, leading in design and economically responsible solutions for flooring.

Streamo is the IMO productrange flooring for the marine industry. A combination high quality homogeneous flooring and luxury PVC vinyl planks with a optical realistic design. The CARMAT Streamo range offers unique and complete solutions to cover all kinds of ships and offshore platforms where a wheelmark is needed.

Product range: Karavel, Cruiser, Seacrosser, Mariner and Steamer

  • Specialist in flooring
  • IMO and DNV certified
  • Realistic designs
  • Complete range homogeneous and heterogeneous 
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Productnumber: 482m021
Gerflor Streamo flooring Karavel Natural Oak 0259
Productnumber: 482m022
Gerflor Streamo flooring Kravel Elm 0262
Productnumber: 482m023
Gerflor Streamo flooring Karavel Walnut 0265
Productnumber: 482m028
Gerflor Streamo flooring Karavel American Oak 0339
Productnumber: 482m029
Gerflor Streamo flooring Karavel Deep Forest 0360
Productnumber: 482m030
Gerflor Streamo flooring Karavel Mystic River 0362
Productnumber: 482m031
Gerflor Streamo Seacrosser 1032 Yellow
Productnumber: 482m033
Gerflor Streamo Seacrosser 1010 Grey
Productnumber: 482m042
Gerflor Streamo Seacrosser 1007 Green
Productnumber: 482m043
Gerflor Streamo Seacrosser 1037 Medium Green
Productnumber: 482m045
Gerflor Streamo Seacrosser 1009 Light Grey
Productnumber: 482m046
Gerflor Streamo Seacrosser 1006 Blue
Productnumber: 482m047
Gerflor Streamo Seacrosser 1036 Medium Blue
Productnumber: 482m050
Gerflor Streamo Mariner White 0103
Productnumber: 482M054
Gerflor Streamo Mariner 0102 Black
Productnumber: 482M056
Gerflor Streamo Mariner 0007 Crocus
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