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A fixing solution for your closets. With CARMAT you find the right solution for locking your aggregate, panel, or other space. Since 1961 we are specialist in locks.

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Productnumber: 6020324
Housing f/ screw-in rotary latch per/10PC
Productnumber: 6020326
Tongue for rotary latch, height 6 mm
Productnumber: 6020413
Spindle adapter 8 mm square per/10PC
Productnumber: 6630007
Holder f/ documentation in closet/vehicle
Productnumber: 6000314
Square shaped hollow key, 8 mm per/10PC
Productnumber: 5800165
T-kruk op bestelling per 5 stuks
Productnumber: 6000313
Square shaped hollow key, 7 mm per/10PC
Productnumber: 6000315
Triangular Shaped hollow key 7 mm per/10PC
Productnumber: 6000316
Triangular Shaped hollow key 8 mm per/10PC
Productnumber: 6020322
Tongue f/ rotary catch, height 19.5 mm per/10PC
Productnumber: 6020323
Rubber Seal f/ housings 6020324
Productnumber: 6020327
Tongue for rotary latch, height 10 mm
Productnumber: 6020328
Tongue for rotary latch, height 13 mm
Productnumber: 6020329
Tongue for rotary latch, height 16 mm
Productnumber: 6020330
Tongue for rotary latch, height 18 mm
Productnumber: 6020331
Tongue for rotary latch, height 20 mm
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