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Productnumber: 300A578
Tenax upper section nickle-plated
Productnumber: 3000001
Tenax upper section with small actuating head chrome-plated
Productnumber: 3000002
Tenax lower section with screw for cloth nickel-plated brass
Productnumber: 3000009
Tenax bolt stud M 5 x 10mm raised ball head chrome-plated
Productnumber: 3000013
Tenax nut for bolt stud M5 chrome-plated brass
Productnumber: 3000033
Tenax bolt stud M 5 x 10 mm stainless steel
Productnumber: 3000046
Tenax bolt stud M 5 x 16 mm nickel-plated brass
Productnumber: 3000077
Tenax sheet metal screw raised ball head 4.2 x 16 mm chrome
Productnumber: 3630001
Tenax wrench for Bolt
Productnumber: 3000080
Tenax sheet metal screw 4.2 x 10 mm stainless nickel-plated
Productnumber: 3000083
Tenax sheet metal screw 4.2 x 12 mm stainless steel chrome
Productnumber: 551M6
Button "Durable Dot" 15 mm per/100PC
Productnumber: 8000074
Catalogue Tenax fasteners
Productnumber: 3000021
Tenax sheet metal screw steel 4.2 x 16mm black chrome-plated
Productnumber: 3010034
Tourniquet button complete single per/100PC
Productnumber: 3010036
Tourniquet button complete double per/100PC
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