67 Products in Commercial vehicle and truck headliners

We serve the commercial vehicle market with original headlining materials that are used to create a cabin complete or refit from your vehicle.

A large collection from all brands are stocked in our warehouse.

We offer the best original quality that is exactly the same to the existing fabrics that are in your vehicle. You will never have problems with color difference or quality issues.

  • Large collection
  • Original quality
  • No color difference or quality issues
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Productnumber: 10C111
Headliner Nissan/Vauxhaul/Renault Master/Trafic/Kangoo/ Mova
Productnumber: 10C112
Headliner Mercedes Sprinter '06
Productnumber: 10C120S
Headliner Mercedes/Volkswagen Sprinter/Vito/Crafter/Transpor
Productnumber: 10c124
Headliner Mercedes/Volkswagen Atego Cream/Beige
Productnumber: 10C24
Headliner Mercedes Vito model 1996
Productnumber: 10C46
Headliner DAF XF Grey
Productnumber: 10C73
Headliner Renault Master / Opel Movano '97
Productnumber: 10C74DS
Headliner Man '01 L2000 with foam
Productnumber: 10C83
Headliner Renault Master / Opel Movano '01
Productnumber: 10C128
Headliner DAF XF Beige
Productnumber: 10C101Z
Headliner Mercedes E-class Black
Productnumber: 10C135
Hemelstof 7fabrics Mercedes Vito '15
Productnumber: 1M46
Oldtimerlaken 7fabrics groen op bestelling
Productnumber: 1M49
Oldtimerlaken blauw op bestelling
Productnumber: 10c134
Hemelstof Daf CF EURO6 2014 op bestelling per/60m
Productnumber: 10M1357
Hemelstof 7fabrics stretch beige op bestelling
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