21 Products in Ashtrays, bins and coathangers

A build in ashtray brings comfort and safety in the vehicle. Our ashtrays can be in all kind of vehicles installed and can be installed on all different locations.  All ashtrays can be taken off to empty them easily.

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Productnumber: 5510034
Waste bin Surface-mounted Aluminium
Productnumber: 5500082
Asthray Flush-mounted Black
Productnumber: 5500112
Asthray Surface-mounted Black
Productnumber: 5500063
Asthray, surface mounting, aluminium
Productnumber: 6210005
Coat hook Black
Productnumber: 5500089
Coat hook Concealed mounting Black
Productnumber: 6210059
Coat hook Concealed mounting Black
Productnumber: 5500101
Asthray Flush-mounted Black
Productnumber: 5500107
Asthray Flush-mounted Black
Productnumber: 550C001
Asthray Surface-mounted Aluminium
Productnumber: 6210019
Coat hook aluminium
Productnumber: 6210047
Coat hook Concealed mounting Black
Productnumber: 6210057
Coat hook Black
Productnumber: 6210058
Clip for coat hook Black
Productnumber: 6210060
Coat hook concealed mounting grey
Productnumber: 6210038
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