44 Products in Electrical and self rotating roof fans

Our roof fans are available in different types and measurements. We offer a wide choice of EMS approved electrical roof fans with efficient motors. As well a program is available with air driven roof fans.

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Productnumber: 5900316
Finger guard for roof ventilator
Productnumber: 590C240
Switch Adjustable/off Black
Productnumber: 590F721
Engine 24V F/ Electrical roof ventilator
Productnumber: 5900171
Ventilator spare part brushes
Productnumber: 5900281
Finger guard for roof ventilator Black
Productnumber: 590C058
Switch Reversible/off Black
Productnumber: 590C053
Rooftop ventilator Wind powered Turbo II white
Productnumber: 590C421
Rooftop ventilator Le Mans 12V black 80W
Productnumber: 5902011
Adapter voor Flettner TCX dakventilator afname per/st
Productnumber: 5902005
Adapter f/ Flettner 2000 Roof ventilator
Productnumber: 590C111
Finger guard for roof ventilator Black
Productnumber: 590C112
Lateral Diffuser w/ light 24V
Productnumber: 590C405
Roof ventilator A.D.T. 350 12V 15W
Productnumber: 590C406
Roof ventilator A.D.T. 350 12V 40W
Productnumber: 590c410
Roof ventilator electrical 24V
Productnumber: 5900309
Roof ventilator self rotating White/Grey
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