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Productnumber: 5201080
Lijmspuitinstallatie + pistool op bestelling
Productnumber: 5201090
Contact glue Bijlard use glue cumb yellow 5 liter can
Productnumber: 5204022
Contact glue Bijlard use brush tranparent 25 liter can
Productnumber: 5205797
Contact glue Bijlard use brush tranparent 10 liter can
Productnumber: 520c001
Sample can Bijlard sprayglue transparent 1 liter
Productnumber: 520c002
Sample can Bijlard sprayglue red 1 liter
Productnumber: 520c100
Contact glue in mobile tank with use of gun transparent
Productnumber: 520c101
Hose for pressure mobile glue tank 520c100
Productnumber: 520C115
Contact glue Bijlard heavy duty spray transparent
Productnumber: 520C124
Gun budget for pressure tank 520c100
Productnumber: BI009580
Storage can for glue 1,5 liter
Productnumber: 5204035
Contact glue for use with gun red 200 liter drum
Productnumber: 520C127
Spuitbus Bijlard HPL Primer 500 ml op bestelling per 12 stuk
Productnumber: 520C126
Rubber voor deksel drukvat A8
Productnumber: 520C130
Spuitbus Bijlard Citronel ontvetter 500 ml afname per/12ST
Productnumber: 5201612
Blik Bijlard Spuitlijm Melkwit 25 liter (0099) op bestelling
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