134 Products in Floor covering ambulance, bus and coach

As a interior supplying specialist for vehicles and marine CARMAT offers a wide collection and interesting product. Innovative flooring, leading in design and economically responsible solutions for flooring.

Tarabus is de certified product range flooring for vehicle industry. A combination high quality homogenious flooring with luxury PVC planks with an realistic design. The CARMAT flooring range offers complete and unique solution for covering flooring in vehicles.

Product range: Tarabus, Taraplus, Sirius, Harmonia.

  • Specialist in flooring
  • EG/95/28 certified
  • Realistic designs
  • Complete range homogeneous 
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Productnumber: 4829727
Flooring Hera Zephir 9727
Productnumber: 482c014
Vloer logo rolstoel / kinderwagen 110x50 cm afname vanaf/5st
Productnumber: 482p008
Gerflor Tarabus Sirius NT Anthracite 6727 custom size
Productnumber: 482r245
Welding rod CR50 dark grey 6727 / 8780 per/100m
Productnumber: 482s003
Gerflor Tarabus Sirius NT Corsaire 6451
Productnumber: 482s101
7flor vloerpvc taraplus classic 200cm dune afname per/24M
Productnumber: 482s102
7flor vloerpvc taraplus classic 200cm griffon afname per/24M
Productnumber: 482s107
Gerflor Taraplus Exclusive Azul Luna 6441
Productnumber: 482S527
Gerflor Traveller ST Amsterdam
Productnumber: 482V727
Gerflor Venus Anthracite
Productnumber: 8005c47
Documentation Gerflor Tarabus 2015
Productnumber: 4824519
Gerflor flooring Tarabus Gaya Mosaic Galata 4519
Productnumber: 4824521
Gerflor flooring Gaya Wood Walnut Yellowstone 4521
Productnumber: 482h455
Vloer Gerflor Tarabus Harmonia Tulipwood Orange per/24x2m
Productnumber: 482h456
Vloer Gerflor Tarabus Harmonia Rosewood Dark Brown per/24x2m
Productnumber: 482h782
Vloer PVC harmonia 200cm Anticwood Marron afname per/24M
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