156 Products in Porter belts and hinges

Not only locking for door and hatches are in our program, we are also specialist in door fittings and constructions such as professional hinges and porter belts. Create your sealing and locking solution with our products. 

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Productnumber: 6030039
7locks portierriembeslag afname per/10ST
Productnumber: 6011824
Scharnier WBH rechts op bestelling per stuk
Productnumber: 4050003
Rubber scharnierprofiel 7profiles afname per/100M
Productnumber: 6030017
Portierriem afname per/50ST
Productnumber: 4700059
7locks rubber klemstuk tbv deurvastzetter afname per/50ST
Productnumber: 6030004
Portierriem L=160 mm op bestelling per/50ST
Productnumber: 6030043
7locks portierriembeslag links afname per/10ST
Productnumber: 3200026
7locks portierhouderkram afname per/50ST
Productnumber: 6010099
Door Hinge w/ oiling pin and greasing nipple
Productnumber: 6010105
Lasscharnier 0156 op=op
Productnumber: 6010114
7locks lasscharnier op=op
Productnumber: 6010125
Lasscharnier (=6010158) afname per stuk op=op
Productnumber: 6010149
Lasscharnier op=op
Productnumber: 601E254
Productnumber: 601E446
Productnumber: 601E447
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