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As a specialist in fabrics and vinyls we offer a roof and ceiling collection with vinyls. Vinyls are mostly used in older type of vehicles. We supply the quality on different types; standard , perforated and foamed on request.

The material is easy to clean and available in lots of different grains. When you are not able to find the right material you could have a look in our standard vinyl range or contact us by our contact form or call us!

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Productnumber: 34M112
Headliner vinyl VW Perforated Grey
Productnumber: 34M126
Headliner vinyl Perforated Grey
Productnumber: 34M8
Headliner vinyl white
Productnumber: 36M1
Headliner vinyl Volkswagen white
Productnumber: 36M2
Headliner vinyl Volkswagen black
Productnumber: 36M4
Headliner vinyl Ford white
Productnumber: 34M166
Hemelkunstleer 7co lichtgrijs op bestelling
Productnumber: 34M171
Headliner vinyl grey
Productnumber: 34M172
Hemelkunstleer 7co beige op bestelling
Productnumber: 34M180
Hemelkunstleer 7co wit op bestelling
Productnumber: 36M4p
Hemelkunstleer Ford Escort wit m/perf mk1 op best vanaf/100m
Productnumber: 34M93
Headliner vinyl perforated offwhite
Productnumber: 34M88
Headliner vinyl perforated black
Productnumber: 36M3
Headliner vinyl Ford black
Productnumber: 34M127
Headliner vinyl Perforated Cream/Beige
Productnumber: 34M108
Headliner vinyl black
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