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Steering wheels are available in lots of different sizes and kinds. A vehicle needs to be dirigible and the steer is the only way for the driver to send his vehicle in the wanted direction so a high quality steer is from high interest.

If wanted an extra knob can be installed on the steering wheel to ensure more efficiency. A metal insert makes the steer feel solid and finger grips ensure the grip on the steer.

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Productnumber: 868C0047
Steering wheel soft Diameter 400 mm Black
Productnumber: 868c0171
Steering wheel hard Diameter 350 mm Black
Productnumber: 836S0921
Stuurwiel 550 mm
Productnumber: 634K0025
Steering wheel hard Diameter 450 mm Black
Productnumber: 632K0413
Steering wheel hard Diameter 400 mm Black
Productnumber: 634K0413
Steering wheel hard Diameter 400 mm Black
Productnumber: 731K0919
Stuurwiel 350 mm
Productnumber: 757S0686
Stuurwiel 500 mm
Productnumber: 731K0917
Stuurwiel 350 mm
Productnumber: 866c0338
Knob for steeringwheel
Productnumber: 866c0869
Knob for steeringwheel
Productnumber: 868S1005
Stuurwiel 450 mm
Productnumber: 853C0004
Cover for steeringwheel 868c0047
Productnumber: 853c0064
Cover for steeringwheel 868c0171
Productnumber: 866c0764
Knob for steeringwheel
Productnumber: 868c0293
Steering wheel soft Diameter 356 mm Black
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