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Beautifull interiors from vehicles, cabins, ships and all other kind of interior areas are made with materials from us. The covering from walls and ceiling panels are being equipped with our needlefelt.

Working with the material is very easy because of the optimal stretch to two sides. A large stock in our warehouse makes quick delivery possible, even with large quantities.

  • Easy to work with
  • Large stock, fast delivery
  • Wide range
  • Heavy duty product, suitable for marine environment
  • High colorfastness
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Productnumber: 20C0028
Needlefelt stretch Grey
Productnumber: 20C0083N
Needlefelt stretch AM1 Blue
Productnumber: 20C0085
Needlefelt stretch AM8 Anthracite
Productnumber: 20C0088
Needlefelt stretch AM9 Red
Productnumber: 20c0136b
Needlefelt Capliner stretch Anthracite
Productnumber: 20C0138b
Needlefelt Capliner stretch Grey
Productnumber: 20C0280K
Needlefelt stretch AM14 Green
Productnumber: 20C0280N
Needlefelt stretch AM14 Green
Productnumber: 20C0031D
Needlefelt Trunkliner stretch Anthracite
Productnumber: 20C0033
Needlefelt Trunkliner stretch Grey
Productnumber: 20C0186N
Needlefelt stretch AM18 Blue
Productnumber: 20C0085N
Needlefelt stretch MP AM8 Dark grey
Productnumber: 20C0130e
Naaldvilt 7felt stretch zwart 213 cm afname /106.25m²
Productnumber: 20C001
Stalenkaart naaldvilt 7felt stretch & non stretch
Productnumber: 20C0084b
Naaldvilt 7felt MP full stretch 203cm zwart
Productnumber: 20C0031F
Naaldvilt 7felt TL full stretch 191cm antraciet new
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