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Productnumber: 3140007
Clamps/Staples Medium 20 mm wire 1,7 mm per/1000PC
Productnumber: 3140007b
DOOS VARKENSKRAMMEN KLEIN 20mm 1,6mm draad afname per/8000ST
Productnumber: 3140008
DOOS VARKENSKRAMMEN MIDDEL 25 mm 2.0mm draad afn. per/1000ST
Productnumber: 3140008b
Clamps/Staples Medium 23 mm wire 1,8 mm per/6000PC
Productnumber: 314C100
Oldtimer doorpanel fasteners
Productnumber: 314C101
Oldtimer doorpanel fasteners
Productnumber: 314C102
Staples resinated 20 mm on a strip per BOX/8800PC
Productnumber: 314C103
Staples resinated 22 mm on a strip per BOX/5000PC
Productnumber: 3540010
Productnumber: 53M59
Curtain Tape width 25 mm white per roll 25/M
Productnumber: 53m60
Curtain Tape width 20 mm white per roll 25/M
Productnumber: 362C004
Clamp tang
Productnumber: 66M4000
GAREN SERAFILL op bestelling per/1200M
Productnumber: 640M31
STIFT uitwisbaar afname per/12ST
Productnumber: 640M33
Peel-Off-Stift neon-oranje afname per/st
Productnumber: 56M21
KLITTEBAND ZWART 20 MM (HAAK) op bestelling per/50M
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