24 Products in Edge protectors on length or color

No color or size is impossible

The program from CARMAT does not only have possibilities in black but every color and size can be supplied. Our edge protection profiles can be produced on customer wish. Through a mix of different kinds of PVC every wanted color can be assembled based on RAL colorcode.


Through a special developed machine the profile is cut on the wanted length. The machine scans the metal insert and cuts on the backing to create a smooth ending on every piece that is produced.

Vulcanization after cutting is not necessary because the finishing is very professional and oxidation will be minimized

  • Delivered on requested length
  • Delivered on requested color
  • No sharp pieces
  • Vulcanization not necessary
  • Oxidation is minimized
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Productnumber: 4610024
Edgeprotector PVC 1-3 mm Grey per/100M
Productnumber: 4610029
Edgeprotector PVC 1-4 mm Light-Grey per/100M
Productnumber: 4610047
Edgeprotector PVC 6-8 mm Licht-Grey per/100M
Productnumber: 4610031d
PVC Edge Protector 1-4 mm Black per/20M
Productnumber: 461G997
Edgeprotector 4610104 pre-cut length 50 mm from/10000PC
Productnumber: 461w057
Edgeprotector 4610063 pre-cut length 30 mm from/5000PC
Productnumber: 4610025
Edgeprotector PVC 1 mm Grey per/100M
Productnumber: 4610026
Edgeprotector PVC 1-3 mm white-grey per/100M
Productnumber: 4610027
Edgeprotector PVC 1-3 mm Antracite per/100M
Productnumber: 4610054
Edgeprotector PVC 1-2 mm Silver per/100M
Productnumber: 4610103
Edgeprotector PVC 4-6 mm Grey per/100M
Productnumber: 461e894
Edgeprotector 4610064 pre-cut length 50 mm from/4000PC
Productnumber: 461G302
Edgeprotector 4610031 pre-cut length 50 mm from/4000PC
Productnumber: 461G806
Edgeprotector 4610026 pre-cut length 1313 mm from/4150PC
Productnumber: 461G853
Edgeprotector 4610104 pre-cut length 30 mm from/30000PC
Productnumber: 461m304
Edgeprotector 4610064 pre-cut length 30 mm from/2000PC
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