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CARMAT is innovative and leading on areas such as interior solutions for all parts in the vehicle and boats. These headlining and roof channel materials will be equipped with needlefelt or microfiber fabrics that are used on the in- and outside of the roof channel.

The materials from CARMAT give your interior a modern and luxury look that take your product to a higher level.

A large stock in fabrics is one of our strength which we supply to decrease leadtime on your production.

  • Modern look
  • Large stock
  • Your product to a higher level
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Productnumber: 17C402
Microliner coach headliner EC 95/28 Grey
Productnumber: 20c0120d
Felt stretch Softtouch Grey
Productnumber: 20c0121d
Needlefelt Stretch Softtouch Darkgrey
Productnumber: 20c0122d
Needlefelt Stretch Softtouch Anthracite
Productnumber: 20C0125d
Needlefelt Stretch Softtouch Light beige
Productnumber: 20C0126d
Needlefelt Stretch Softtouch Sandbeige
Productnumber: 20C0127d
Needlefelt Stretch Softtouch
Productnumber: 20C0133d
Needlefelt stretch grey
Productnumber: 20C0046i
Naaldvilt antraciet 40 cm (niet gecertificeerd)
Productnumber: 17C416
Projectstof 7fabrics zand op bestelling per/m
Productnumber: 20C0128d
Needlefelt Stretch Softtouch Blue
Productnumber: 20C0046
Naaldvilt antraciet 200 cm (niet gecertificeerd)
Productnumber: 20C0131d
Needlefelt Stretch Softtouch Light Brown
Productnumber: 20C0132d
Needlefelt stretch black
Productnumber: 17c406
Microliner coach headliner EC 95/28 Anthracite
Productnumber: 17c005
Samples Micromotion Liner
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