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Shipping companies and fleetowners

In Holland a lot of shipbuilders are located but the largest shipyards are outside Holland. Although Holland and other countries in Europe have their specialties Carmat helps the dutch market with architecture and engineering.

De schepen variëren in grootte en type maar de ontwerpen in schepen typeert zich in Nederland vooral door specialisme. Een high tech omgeving is een onderdeel van het schip en minstens zo belangrijk, ze beschikken over comfortabele voorzieningen. Ieder bemanningslid heeft een eigen hut en CARMAT voorziet deze interieurruimtes van comfortabele materialen voor vloer, wand, plafond en andere interieurdelen als stoelen en banken. A high-tech area is important in a ship and we supply all kind of companies with specialisties on ships. You can think of panelbuilding with profiles. Emergency hammers for special ships and interior components for workships and offshore platforms till large luxurious cruise vessels. As a supplier we know the needs from the users of our products and they fullfill in needs of comfort and luxury as we are talking about our interior program. Think about upholstery for flooring, walls, and interior furniture such as seats and couches.


A strict regulation has been set up after the disaster with the Titanic in 1912. This is been used since 1914 on ships and is also the most important international pact for safety on the sea. The international convention for safety from human lives on sea is meant to guarantee safety and regulation on sea.
SOLAS describes to which demands sea going vessels need to fulfill when it's about material used for construction, equipment and crew depending on the working area. The material from Carmat fulfill the needs in terms of IMO-SOLAS regulation when it is about interior components such as PVC flooring and upholstery for furniture, walls and ceiling.


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