• Components

    CARMAT is your specialist when it is about components for vehicle,- bus,- metal,- and cabin industry.

    In our program you can find everything that is related to in,- or exteriors.
    No matter if it is sealing, lighting, steering, fix, safety or finish from the in,- or exterior area. Carmat has it!

    Are you looking for components or have you seen our products but you can't find them on our website? Please contact us for more information or call us!


  • Profiles

    CARMAT'S PVC and EPDM edge protectors better known as sharp edge protection, body work band contain a high and professional quality. Since 1961 CARMAT is market leader in edge protection profiles.

    Today ordered is send the same day

    PVC side and finishing profiles have a special order in our profile program. Edge profiles are delivered from stock and delivery time will be decreased for our customers. Even with big quantities a fast delivery is our strength.

    For you de best price and quality

    Every profile from CARMAT has ideal price-quality proportion. The raw materials in the production process will always be from high quality. CARMAT can supply you with the best materials.

    Profiles from us make your product better

    Edge and finishing profiles are widely used for all different areas. So much branches we supply, so much different profiles deliver in these branches. You can think of finishing sharp edges from steel plates and you can save money and effort by installing edge profile.

    Your product looks better with our profiles and save you money, time and extra work. Machines, power units, panel installation, polyester and plates, seats, ceiling systems, enginerooms and all kind of metalwork can be finished with edge protection.

    Our program supplies a wide range for clamping ranges and different colors of PVC. Our profiles are worldwide known for advantages such as:

    • High quality
    • Very flexible with metal insert that make high bending possible
    • Easy mounting without glue
    • High optical profiles
    • For all different kind of plate thicknesses
    • Lots of colors and designs possible
    • Lots of different lengths for packaging such as cutting blades, knives, (cabin)doors and hatches.
    • Help with engineering
    • Very attractive and competitive pricing
  • Textiles

    CARMAT is worldwide leading supplier in fabrics for in,- and exterior. Seats, couches, hockers, flooring, walls and ceilings can be equipped with all kind of covering. Our program goes from vinyl for seat, wall and ceilings to PVC floor covering for vehicles and ships such as large cruise vessels. We supply you a total solution for creating a beautiful environment. 

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