Why edge,- profiles and rubber sealingsections from GHE CARMAT

As a leading manufacturer and supplier we stand for high quality products and try to follow this course with 6 points;

1. Personal approach
We have a high value on personal approach. We wish to contact you when you are available. Please leave your message on our website or by e-mail and we contact you when you are available.

2. Customized solutions
We offer outstanding customized solutions when it is about finishing or sealing your metal plates, machines, panels, doors etc. With a customized solution you can think about a special designed flap or bulb. Besides the build-up you can also choose for a different clamping range or a special material such as silicon or produces on RAL number.
Please name your wishes and we offer you a customized solution based on your needs.

3. 100 % satisfied customers
We critisize ourselfvs and we do all our best to reach 100 % satisfaction with our customers

4. Full-service
Thanks to our wide knowledge and experience with PVC,- Rubber,- EPDM,- Silicon,- edge protectors and sealing sections, nothing goes to far for us. We offer full-service, so you can give us all your ideas. Offcourse with the best quality.

5. Fast and efficient
We are busy with customers and potential customers every day, so we understand the need of short lead times and are able to fullfill short lead times. Even for customized jobs.

6. Up-to-date technologies
We use the most recent technologies and systems. We send out all our packingslists, quotations, orderconfirmations and invoices per e-mail. This way you are directly up-to-date with the last information from your orders and deliveries. Also our website fullfills your need in terms of sample materials. You can easily request samples by clicking on the item next to your found articles. 

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