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Vinyl, Skai, Artificial leather etc. are all names for the vinyl from CARMAT. The most used and widest collection is the 7x and 8x range, especially designed for furniture, healthcare, marine, shipbuilding, cruise vessels, automotive,  luxury yachts building, and projectindustry.

The 7x and 8x range is highly recommended for the fabrication of pillows, cushions, seats, chairs, couches, wall and roof panels, fitness equipment, project and medical furniture.

On these collections is made a special NANO top layer is put. This is a special protection layer that does not allow dirt and stains to constract in the vinyl. The vinyl is easy to clean and maintain because of this NANO top layer.

  • Big collection for project, marine, automotive & furniture industry
  • Large stock
  • High tear strength
  • 120.000 Martindale
  • Outstanding properties
  • High colorfastness
  • NANO surface treatment
  • Can be supplied welded
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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Productnumber: 32M4770
Productnumber: 32c004
Vinyl Samples 7Seasons Classic & Trend per/SET
Productnumber: 32M003C
Sample book complete range
Productnumber: 32M086n
Samplecard Vinyl Sana 234x collection
Productnumber: 32M069n
Samplecard Vinyl Trendcolours 207x/208x/218x/228x
Productnumber: 32M076n
Samplecard Harrison 335x collection
Productnumber: 32M067n
Samplecard Vinyl B1 540x collection
Productnumber: 32M035n
Samplecard Consona 210x collection
Productnumber: 32M072n
Samplecard Senso 206x collection
Productnumber: 32C030n
Productnumber: 32M074n
Samplecard Bi-Elastic vinyl 2-way stretch 238x collection
Productnumber: 32M370
Vinyl 7x Cotton backing Brown
Productnumber: 32M4177
Vinyl 8x Cotton backing Brown
Productnumber: 32M410
Vinyl 7x Cotton backing Grey
Productnumber: 32M4102
Vinyl 8x Cotton backing Pink
Productnumber: 32M4103
Vinyl 8x Cotton backing Pink
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