307 Products in Nappa, Automotive and Furniture Leather

CARMAT has more than 60 colors leather in different qualities that can be delivered and lead times will be reduced. An outstanding quality leather with a luxury look, that feels smooth and flexible. Beautiful products can be made of this.

The thickness and flexibility from the skins is optimal and can be used in automotive, furniture, marine and projectindustry.

Because the skins are used from big cows they are big and through a high quality check the do not contain a lot of errors like holes and scratches.

A large choice of colors is the strength from CARMAT en fits outstanding with the vinyls from the 7x, 8x and hospitality.

  • Lots of choices in color and quality
  • Includes Nappa quality
  • Short delivery times
  • Outstanding for automotive, furniture, marine and projectindustry
  • Vains and colors also in vinyl available
  • 1.2 to 1.4 mm thick
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Productnumber: 91C100
Samplebook Leather Caledonian A5 Size
Productnumber: 91C200
Samplebook Leather Grampian A5 Size
Productnumber: 91C300
Productnumber: 91C400
Sampleswatch A5 Muirhead Sateen
Productnumber: 96M003n
Samples Leather Flora
Productnumber: 91M002n
Leather samples blackline & techline
Productnumber: 96M002n
Samples Leather Pana
Productnumber: 96M011n
Samplecard Leather Cuba
Productnumber: 91C001C
Productnumber: 92C012b
Leather Automotive Black
Productnumber: 92C012P
Leather Automotive Black Perforated
Productnumber: 92C001
Leather Automotive Cream/Beige
Productnumber: 92C003
Leather Automotive Cream/Beige
Productnumber: 92C003P
Leather Automotive Perforated Cream/Beige
Productnumber: 92C005
Leather Automotive Red
Productnumber: 92C006
Leather Automotive Red
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